"Skinner's work is a demanding one, exacting from the reader an intense participation in the mysteries that lie within. I had a marvelous time reading this exceptional, unique, and unforgettable novel. The Edge of Farallon is most highly recommended."  

- Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite


Against the foggy rugged coast of Central California, two brothers and their niece struggle over the fate of their family's land, the purpose of their lives, and the secrets they harbor. Pitting each against the other, THE EDGE OF FARALLON is a wildly suspenseful, tightly woven tale of love and violence, transformation and disrepair, culminating in a final stunning conclusion. It is a story of place, of family and of hope. 

The Edge of Farallon
By Peter Skinner

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I devoured The Edge Of Farallon in two mornings at the beach. The writing conjures vivid images and emotions. I imagined that I was actually in Big Sur, hiding behind a tree, watching the characters in the book. Though beautifully and intentionally spare in length and language, it’s a complex story about families, friendships, love, greed, and difficult choices. Most of all, it’s about what we inherit from our pasts and our parents- and whether we become wise enough to know which parts of the inheritance to keep, which parts we should jettison. It came to a brilliant conclusion- leaving me with a lingering, bittersweet feeling of both sorrow and hope.
— A.E.W., Amazon Reader Review
Skinner’s skillful use of imagery give both his characters and setting a delicious complexity with traces of Gothic flare. The EDGE OF FARALLON is a brilliantly dark and satisfying read, exposing truths about family, life, and death... A story for those looking for complex character development, unique imagery, and a breathless plot... Peter Skinner brings the full force of his exquisite craft.
— Chanticleer Reviews
I have read Peter Skinner’s play the Edge of Farallon and his novel of the same name and find them both magical. The characters and the story draws one in to a transcendent experience, one of which I didn’t want to leave. Beautiful and thought provoking. A must read.
— Sean Griffin, Actor
Reminiscent of a Tennessee Williams Southern gothic tale, haunting pasts and fierce ambitions... A poetic family drama with mercy, cruelty in high relief.
— Kirkus Reviews
The story is beautifully woven to paint pictures in your mind that you will not forget any time soon. Rugged, difficult, and devastatingly beautiful. I absolutely loved everything about this novel.
— Rabia Tanveer, Readers' Favorite (5 Star Review)
I can see and feel every person, animal, atmosphere, heartbeat. Yes, it’s disturbing. Yes, it’s a mess of emotion, dead behind the eyes, terrible, painfully human, beautiful, fractured and final. It hurt. And that’s good.
— Diane Venora, actress
A complex, yet subtle novel, The Edge of Farallon is a riveting, lyrical, and wholly unique read.
The energy was palpable, feral, and I was always aware of the land. Very present and mythical without pretension. Wonderful.
— Leila Gastil
... a very excellent short novel that will take longer to read than one might expect, as the reader lingers over sections that require thought and consideration before moving on.
Fascinatingly complex.
— Lit Amri, Readers' Favorite Reviews
A sinister short story full of shocking revelations about the human psyche. The Edge of Farallon puts the creep in creepy... lovers of dark mystery are sure to enjoy.
— Cheryl L. Rodriguez, Readers' Favorite Reviews
I have noticed that often the emotional impact of a novel has little to do with its length. Such is the case for Peter Skinner’s, The Edge of Farallon, which, despite a relatively small number of pages, packs a hefty emotional afterglow... What I enjoyed most about this book is that much of the impression left behind came not from the words on the page, but the words that were left unsaid.
— OnlineBookClub
Very intense, thought provoking and to the bone. Wow.
— Lyn Warren, Les Yeux du Monde
An extraordinary book.
— Lisa Daily, Author
The novel, grounded in the word, lashed me to the rocks and sent a tidal wave of images, thoughts, and emotions to confound and disorient me with the ebb and flow of loss and longing, cruelty, comedy and love... profoundly wrestled to the bones of the soul.
— Sandra Jennings, playwrite, screenwriter